Collaborating for Change: Anthony Hackett's Philanthropic Endeavors Unite Partners in Reading


Anthony Hackett is the fourth Giving Champion featured in Extreme’s Faces of Giving series.  This ongoing series highlights the dedication of Extreme employees to various causes, shining a light on their philanthropic endeavors. By sharing their stories, we aim to inspire others to take action and join in creating a better world.

Nothing brings people together like philanthropy and sports. Extreme’s Reading, England office has a multi-year tradition of tying cycling with giving back, but they don’t just limit it to Extreme team members. They bring our partners along for the ride, giving an opportunity for all to connect outside of the work environment, fostering relationships while supporting local charities.

Anthony Hackett, a senior channel manager at Extreme, has been instrumental in taking a leadership role to bring this much-anticipated event together in recent times. He took over from the event's early founder, Mike Mann, who was the UK Marketing Manager. Sean Collins, Vice President of EMEA Channels & Inside Sales, has been very supportive of this event in the editions that have run, and it's worth noting his contributions as well.

Anthony is one of many in our Reading office with a passion for cycling. As a Giving Captain for Extreme’s annual Day of Giving, he has previously organized opportunities for local employees to give back to Launchpad, a local charity that provides shelter and food for the homeless. For Extreme’s cycling event, Extreme Charity Cycling Day, Anthony collaborated with several local channel partners, including Daisy Group, Maintel, and Ingram Micro, to raise funds specifically for UNICEF UK's Ukraine war support efforts. This initiative ensures that essential aid reaches Ukraine war refugees, providing them with vital assistance and making a positive impact on their lives.

“Giving back is a team sport. I may have been in the captain’s seat for these events, but I could not do it without the support of others. Giving is very important to our team in London. Harjot Panesar, our marketing manager, provides essential support in promoting and organizing our cycling event. And April Gibson, our administration assistant, helps to coordinate the logistics, notifying the facilities team, and ensuring a smooth experience for all participate,” said Anthony.

"Uniting our partners in philanthropic endeavors not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle but also amplifies our collective ability to give back. The UK channel community is growing and those who attended are requesting we do these events again. The feedback has been great from those who could attend and contributed towards some great causes," Anthony emphasized.

Anthony Hackett's leadership and dedication in organizing the cycling event, along with the support of the Extreme team in Reading, exemplify the spirit of giving back as a collective effort. By combining philanthropy with sports and extending the effort to Extreme channel partners, Anthony and the team have fostered connections, supported local initiatives, and made a positive impact in their community. 

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Jaychele Nicole Schenck
DEI & Philanthropy

Jaychele is a DEI & Philanthropy Intern at Extreme Networks, where she focuses on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

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