Celebrating the Accomplishments of Female Engineers on International Women in Engineering Day


Young women excel in all walks of life and in many cases outshine their male colleagues, as a father and a leader, I believe it is important to call out these strong women leaders to my daughter and my son. One area that still needs more capable female minds is science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) where women make only 28% of the workforce.

The Extreme talent pool is incredibly diverse, and the work being done is outstanding. Extreme female engineers around the globe are contributing every day to make Extreme a first mover in the networking industry. It is of the utmost importance to me that we recognize and promote these female engineers. On International Women in Engineering Day, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the amazing women engineers at all levels at Extreme.

“My advice to young women is to know your worth and use your voice. You will have moments of doubt, but remember, you deserve to be here just as much as anyone else. You have a unique perspective that will be extremely valuable” - Alyssa Mun, Senior National Channel Systems Engineer (Hopkinton, MA)

“I am a part of a lean and focused team that moves at a face pace. It’s different from that of the larger companies I’ve worked at, but I'm more engaged now knowing and seeing how I am making a difference on the team.” - Nisha Jaimni, Senior Engineering Manager (Bangalore, India)

“As an engineer, the challenge of learning new things and leveraging technology to make a difference excites me – and knowing I have limitless power to change the world inspires me every day.” - Amudhavalli Narayanan, Principal QA SW Engineer (Chennai, India)

“Successful women engineers have an unparalleled drive for being detail-oriented and results-focused. You may not have the answers to all the questions, but you are willing to learn and grow. Hone your strengths, never give up, and you will fulfill your dreams.” - Aleksandra Ristanovic, Director of QA Engineering (San Jose, CA)

“I love engineering because of the sheer joy it brings me to solve various design issues, and the limitless opportunities I have to learn and grow.” - Girija Raghavendra Rao, Senior Principal Engineer (Chennai, India)

“I have an innate passion for knowledge, and the wonderful opportunities at Extreme align with my passion. Every challenge at work shapes me as an insightful engineer, compassionate manager, and humble person. Being a part of Extreme’s vision and empowering the teams keeps me on my toes.” - Indhu Balraj, Senior Director, Engineering (San Jose, CA)

“Over my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best managers and teammates. One thing I found that sets Extreme apart is the open and honest culture. Here you get recognized and rewarded for your contributions.” - Uma Parthasarathy, Senior Director of QA Engineering (Chennai, India)

Engineers bring ideas to life, ideas that shape the world and help make our planet a better, safer, more innovative, and exciting place to live. Our female engineers are paving the way for the next generation of female engineering talent. At Extreme, they are delivering progress like never before.

Thank you to the incredible women who took the time to share their stories with me and the world. Your experiences, work ethics, and commitment to excellence illustrate that women can succeed in any area including STEM. Hopefully these stories will cultivate a curiosity in the future generations, and they will follow your footsteps in the areas of science, engineering, and math.

Extreme is highlighting our skillful female engineers through our social campaign #INWED20. Sharing their stories is a small step in highlighting this field to more women. Please help in that by sharing their stories. If you are not connected with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, give us a follow!

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