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Automated and Secure Network Camera Deployment

The use of video for safety and security is rapidly growing in public spaces as well as large organizations. While video surveillance monitoring has traditionally been limited to security operations centers, using Ethernet-based networks opens up a myriad of challenges but also opportunities for accessing live and recorded video.

A properly designed IP camera network can efficiently protect valuable organizational assets, assuming they are reliable, robust, and do not consume significant amounts of scarce IT resources. Many networks and IT teams are not equipped to deal with modern video surveillance applications. Data generated by stateof-the-art, high-definition surveillance cameras runs over poorly designed multicast networks, limiting the full potential of surveillance data. These poorly designed networks may have services inefficiently coupled to the physical topology, require core reconfiguration amidst changes, and be vulnerable to human error.

By choosing elegantly integrated solutions, video security and networking teams enable their organizations to scale quickly and provide resilient surveillance solutions. This results in less human error and the ability to seamlessly make changes to the network.

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