Extreme Networks for Modern Healthcare

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By making networking more intelligent, secure and frictionless, we help healthcare organizations drive clinical and operational outcomes that move them forward.

The network is the lifeblood of modern healthcare services. Foundationally, it must be reliable, secure and interoperable. As patients increasingly take charge of their health decisions, health systems are aligning digital investments to their overall business strategy—a strategy focused on patients. Improved patient satisfaction and engagement are the top outcomes their organizations want to achieve from digital transformation, followed by cybersecurity and patient safety and operational efficiency and availability. In addition, harnessing the data resident in the network will be key to driving medical innovation.

What We Deliver to Healthcare Environments

Next-Gen Clinical-Grade Wi-Fi

  • First to Market Wi-Fi 6E Technology
  • Advanced Performance for High- Density, Life Critical Environments
  • Dedicated Support of all Bandwidth Heavy Medical Devices/Applications and Use Cases
  • Seamless Guest/Patient Device Access and Onboarding
  • Improved Efficiency and Fortified Security

Data Center to Edge Fabric

  • Secure Network Automation and Service Delivery—Data Center to Edge
  • Hyper-segmentation, Breach Containment, and IoT/MIoT Automation
  • Simplified Network Design, Deployment, and Management for Healthcare IT Staff
  • Dynamic Automatic Attachment and Support of Medical Devices
  • Accelerated Time to Service

Zero Trust Security and Management

  • Single Pane of Glass Wired and Wireless Network Management and Control
  • Wi-Fi/RF/Bluetooth Threat Detection and Protection
  • Dynamic Role-based Network Access Control and Contextual Identity Profile
  • IoT and Medical IoT Device Visibility, Tracking, and Support
  • Creation of Secure Network Zones at Scale 

Cloud-Enabled Innovation

  • • 4th Generation Cloud Management Platform
  • Insights and Analytics via Explainable AI/ML with Unlimited Data
  • Extended Cloud Management to Non-Cloud Native and Multi-Vendor Devices
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google) and Deployment Choice (Public, Private, Hybrid)
  • Reliability, Scalability, Security, and Flexibility


Why You Should Choose Extreme Networks in Healthcare

Our purpose-built IT network solutions delivers security, simplicity and scale to connected healthcare organizations and their environments.

Whether you’re a large healthcare system, long term care organization, urgent care clinic or combination of these entities, these are three simple but convincing reasons to consider Extreme in Healthcare.