Extreme Solutions for Healthcare

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By making networking more intelligent, secure and frictionless, we help healthcare organizations drive clinical and operational outcomes that move them forward.

The network is the central nervous system of modern healthcare services. Foundationally, it must be reliable, secure, and interoperable. As patients increasingly take charge of their health decisions, healthcare organizations have aligned their investments toward a strategy focused on personalizing patient experiences. Improved patient satisfaction and engagement are the top outcomes that organizations want to achieve from digital transformation, followed closely by patient safety and cybersecurity, operational efficiency, and availability. Further, harnessing the data resident in the network is key to driving medical innovation.

Universal Wireless

  • Industry-leading 6 GHz Wi-Fi technology with built-in AIOps troubleshooting, guest, IoT, and location services across a range of deployment environments
  • Organizations can easily adopt new technologies and/or use cases through a simple software change avoiding hardware lock-in and protecting their investment

Universal Wired

  • Broad range of high-performance, multi-rate switches and routers with integrated fabric and advanced PoE to securely address edge, core and aggregation needs
  • A choice of operating systems allows organizations to easily repurpose and redeploy their network hardware

Extreme Fabric

  • Industry-leading, highly scalable end-to-end fabric solution deployed in thousands of customer networks
  • Unifies, automates and secures the network from data center to campus to branch, across wired, wireless and SD-WAN environments

ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN

  • SD-WAN connects users, data, and applications securely and at scale 
  • Advanced application performance management enables the best possible performance for the lowest cost


  • Unified management experience for wireless, wired, SD-WAN and IoT
  • Choice of public cloud (shared or private) or ExtremeCloud Edge 
  • 3rd party device management, (e.g., Cisco, Aruba, Juniper) as well as management of Extreme non-cloud native devices
  • Flexible, universal licensing for enterprise services, AIOps, Digital Twin, security, and more
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