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WiNG VX 9000 Controller

Virtualized software-based WLAN controller

Product Highlights


Comprehensive Integrated Network Security Services

  • Features include: a wired/wireless firewall, a built-in Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS), an integrated IPSec VPN gateway, AAA radius Server, and secure guest access with a captive web portal, MAC-based authentication, 802.11w to secure management frames, NAC support, anomaly analysis, and advanced security services, such as role-based firewall

Advanced WiNG 7 OS

  • Provides advanced brainpower required to create the “fully network-aware“ WLAN, allowing every piece of infrastructure in your wireless network to work together to route every transmission as efficiently as possible


  • Fast and easy zero-touch installation plus rule-based access point and NX-7500/NX-5500 adoption from all locations automates equipment discovery and deployment

Simplified License Management for Large Distributed Enterprises

  • Distribute and use licenses based on actual load per site/location — no need to provision each location individually
  • Eliminates the need to provision devices in both local offices and the NOC with access point licenses

End-to-End Support Services

  • Increase uptime and reduce support costs with optional comprehensive support service offerings

Comprehensive Cloud-Ready Wireless Services and a Single Point of Control for Any Size Enterprise

The WiNG VX 9000 combines the power of virtualization with Extreme Networks’ industry-leading WiNG controller, creating a virtual controller in a class of its own. The cost-effectiveness of virtualization combines with high-performance advanced wireless services, endless scalability, superior deployment flexibility, and centralized management of the entire wireless network through a single windowpane, bringing anew level of simplicity, cost-efficiency, and much needed hardware independence to the wireless LAN.


With virtualization, server resource utilization improves, server management is simplified, and the need for single- purpose appliances is eliminated. In addition, live migration improves service availability — the VX 9000 can be automatically and seamlessly moved in the event of a server issue.

With the VX 9000, you simply pay as you grow — just purchase the amount of access point licenses you need today and easily add whatever you need in the future. There is no need to purchase a different controller for different access point capacities — each instance of the VX 9000 can support up to 25,000 access points, providing a real scalable solution for cloud deployments.

Not only is the VX 9000 easy to deploy, it also brings a new level of ease to WLAN deployment. The VX 9000 supports virtually any server and all of the leading, commercially available Hypervisors for fast and seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure — without adding any new hardware. In addition, you can run multiple instances of the VX 9000 on a single server, substantially reducing cost, space, and power requirements in the network operations center (NOC). With the ability to run in a private or public cloud, you have the freedom to choose the model that works best for your business — install on your own servers in your NOC or lease a server in the public cloud. And with built-in hierarchical management, equipment discovery and configuration are automated, bringing true plug-and-play simplicity to WLAN deployment.