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Universal Compute Platform

Universal Compute Platform

Product Highlights



  • Application deployment and management
  • Hosted on the customer premises

Optimized Architecture

  • Kubernetes Managed Docker

Container microservices architecture

  • High performance, high availability hardwarestack

The Universal Compute Platform provides a container-based orchestration framework, in an Extreme Qualified and validated high performance hardware configuration. The framework natively supports clustering, distributed file system and orchestration through Kubernetes, providing a highly resilient application operational base. CaaS is a cloud service model that allows users to manage and deploy containers, applications, and clusters through container-based virtualization.

The Universal Compute Platform will offer flexible application orchestration, enable self-guided application installation, management, and full SaaS deployment of select applications such as ExtremeCloud IQ.


The 4120C appliance is a high-performance appliance that hosts the middleware component sets of Extreme Universal Compute Platform. The appliance provides a high-performance computing platform for application deployment and hosting with asserted performance. The appliance provides a highly available Kubernetes Control plane, distributed filesystem and workers on three nodes, which are optimized for on-premises deployments.

Onboarding a cluster onto ExtremeCloud IQ provides central visibility of the state of operation. Visibility of cluster state is also provided directly from the appliance itself.