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Trusted Delivery Switches

Extreme 8720

Next Generation Secure Data Center and Mobile Edge Spine Switch

Product Highlights

  • High-performance feature-rich, Fixed Form Factor Switch for Service Provider and Data Center
  • Compact 1U form factor for reduced power and footprint
  • Ability to deliver 100GbE to 4 x 25 GbE or 40GbE to 4 x 10 GbE using breakout cable
  • Supply chain, boot, and runtime protection with Measured Boot
  • Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) for lights-out management (LOM) for remote operations such as reboots, shutdowns, and out of band troubleshooting
  • Redundant management port
  • Supports Integrated Application Hosting to enable organizations to deploy Extreme-provided or third-party applications and tools directly on the switch
  • Non-blocking, wire-speed switching architecture
  • Offers a choice of AC/DC power supplies and F/R fans
  • ExtremeCloud Orchestrator leverages Integrated Application Hosting and enables plug-n-play IP fabrics for infrastructure provisioning and configuration of all tenant services across the entire fabric at no additional cost
  • Full featured SLX operating system with advanced features supporting switching, IP Fabrics, BGP- EVPN and VXLAN

The Extreme 8720 is a high performance, feature-rich, and purpose built 10/25/40/100 GbE network hardware platform built for uncompromising performance in enterprise data centers and for mobile operators delivering critical 5G micro data center and multi-access edge compute (MEC) environments.

As part of Extreme’s Trusted Delivery initiative, the Extreme 8000 Series of Universal switches introduce powerful security enhancements with a combination of Secure Boot technology, enhanced by an industry-first Measured Boot implementation. Measured Boot extends the security posture of the system into the execution of the operating system itself for greater protection against threats.

The Extreme 8720 network hardware platform enables organizations to design open networks that accommodate a variety of applications and east-west traffic patterns. With its high-density scale-out architecture, leading power efficiency, and airflow options, the 8720 platform delivers a cost-effective solution that optimizes power, cooling, and data center space, wherever your center of data might be.


The 8720 delivers the high performance and reliability required by modern enterprises and service provider data centers. It is designed for high availability from both a software and hardware perspective, such as a clear separation between the control plane and data plane and redundant power supplies and fan modules.

The 8720 can run onboard VM-based applications alongside the switch OS—all without impacting performance. This flexible and open solution enables organizations to deploy Extreme- provided or third-party applications and tools directly on the switch for security, monitoring, troubleshooting, or extended network functionality—based on customer need—without a separate hardware device. This unique design does not impact the control and forwarding plane of the switch and provides dedicated CPUs, memory, and SSD storage for flexible packet capture and offline processing.

The 8720 can be managed in a variety of ways. REST, NETCONF management interface or simple on-box management functions are delivered with CLI for manual configuration.

The 8720 runs Extreme SLX-OS, a fully virtualized Linux-based operating system that delivers process-level resiliency and fault isolation. SLX-OS supports advanced switching features and is highly programmable with support for REST API, Python, and NETCONF/RESTCONF. It is based on Linux, which offers all the advantages of open source and access to commonly used Linux tools.

With enhanced support for Trusted Delivery features, such as Measured Boot and strong security defaults, Extreme SLX-OS continues to further protect against ever-growing security threats to infrastructure.

ExtremeCloud Orchestrator simplifies and accelerates the deployment of the data center IP Fabric. The on-box application runs as a service on the Integrated Application Hosting environment within the 8720 and uses industry-standard open API-based programmable interfaces to provide the easiest way to deploy, provision, and automate single or multiple data center IP Fabric networks in the fastest and most efficient way. ExtremeCloud Orchestrator is also the point of integration for VMware vCenter, Microsoft Hyper V, and OpenStack.

Trusted Delivery from Extreme Networks is designed to protect your key service delivery infrastructure at remote, often-unattended sites, as well as within colocation and data center environments where shared facility access is a concern. With Measured Boot—a security mechanism designed to verify the boot and runtime processes—Extreme Networks provides the capability to validate hardware components, boot process, and the operating system from factory to installation. Combined with remote attestation, where a trusted off-box challenger provides an objective measurement of trust, Measured Boot provides ongoing binary-level validation during operation.