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Network Packet Broker

Next-Generation Visibility for Service Provider Networks

Network Visibility

Expand visibility without extending your budget with a carrier-grade network visibility solution. Aggregate, filter, optimize, and reduce network traffic in real time. Proactively monitor customer experience and network conditions. With a comprehensive, intelligent, and scalable network visibility platform, you’re well on your way to transforming data into revenue.

Physical Packet Broker

Next-Generation Visibility for Service Provider Networks

Extreme Packet Brokers deliver real-time, programmable network visibility with the best-in-breed performance and cost-effective scalability you need to effectively manage, secure, and monetize your mobile network. Use Physical Packet Brokers for core traffic aggregation and optimization, and SLX Packet Brokers for edge traffic aggregation.


Carrier-Grade Scale and Performance

Scalable core and aggregation packet brokers deliver up to 6.4 Tbps and 1.28 Tbps aggregate port throughput respectively in a single chassis unit.


Flexible Form Factors for Diverse Deployment Scenarios

Deploy centralized and distributed network visibility architectures with 1, 5, 7, 14 and 33 RU hardware packet broker form factors.

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Session Director

Software-Defined Session Intelligence for Scalable, On-Demand Visibility into Mobile Networks

Mobility-Aware Traffic Optimization

Value-added features such as GTP correlation and advanced filtering based on attributes (IMSI, IMEI, APN, RAT) optimize flows on a per tool basis.


Automated Network Learning

Holistic, real-time network topology graphs support advanced, network-aware flow provisioning.


Real-Time Flow Programming

The tool-facing, real-time flow programming API exposed by Extreme Session Director delivers a truly service-oriented visibility architecture.

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Visibility Manager

Single Pane of Glass for Simplified Management and Provisioning

Simplify network operations with a centralized, easy to use, graphical user interface for provisioning, configuring, and maintaining Extreme Network Visibility portfolio products.


Single Pane of Glass

Intuitive, point-and-click GUI helps provision, configure, and maintain Extreme Network Visibility products.


Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for inbound and outbound flows by port, line-card, or device.


Programmatic Management

Enable third-party management tools to programmatically manage Extreme Network Visibility products with management APIs.

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Virtual Packet Broker

Scalable Network Visibility for Virtualized Workloads

Gain real time visibility into east-west traffic between Virtual Network Functions (VNF) with the industry’s first full-featured, virtualized network visibility solution for service providers and enterprises. Deploy Extreme Virtual Packet Broker as a virtual tap for traffic interception and replication, or as a virtual broker for traffic aggregation, tool-specific filtering, and optimization.


Tap and Broker Deployment Alternatives

Deploy as a virtual tap in the application VM environment, or deploy as a virtual broker outside the application VM environment for advanced aggregation and optimization features.


Advanced Filtering and Load Balancing

Filter and load-balance traffic flows by port, IP address, and encapsulation header, or by matching content within specific byte offsets.

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