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ExtremeCloud Business Insights for Venues

Transform data into actionable insights to enhance the fan experience, increase engagement and revenue and improve operations

Product Highlights


Improving User Engagement

  • User, bandwidth, and application insights to understand user behavior and application preference
  • Location intelligence provides real-time view to inform experience design and streamline operations
  • Live reporting to inform decisions during the event

Providing Business Insights

  • Rich analytics that help marketing, operations, and IT make data-driven decisions
  • Real-time and historical data to identify patterns and trends
  • Metadata annotation to identify the moments that spark fan engagement

Enabling Advanced Analytics

  • Insights as a service is out-of-the-box dashboards that provide pertinent insights, reducing the need for complex configuration or data wrangling
  • Data as a service facilitates data democratization to enable seamless integration with an organization's proprietary data sources using APIs

Consumers expect more from in-person experiences than ever before and there is more competition for their entertainment dollars. Sports and entertainment venues, event sponsors, and leagues are competing with streaming services, high ticket prices, and alternative ways to spend leisure time. Vast amounts of money are being invested to fill seats, sell more concessions and merchandise, attract sponsors, and realize return on their efforts.

Useful pieces of information are being captured by the network as mobile devices connect and visitors move through the venue, accessing social media, using betting and venue apps, interacting with advertising, or purchasing concessions and merchandise. However, data is only valuable if it is actionable.

ExtremeCloud Business Insights for Venues is the centralized platform that transforms network data into actionable insights. The insights, in turn, inform decision-making, helping IT, operations, and marketing deliver strategic value back to the organizations.

ExtremeCloud Business Insights for Venues helps make the network a strategic asset by going beyond the surface level to provide valuable takeaways for growth and innovation.


Business Insights for Venues presents aggregated data in intuitive and customizable graphs that can be used to understand activity in the moment and patterns and trends over time. These analytics can be used to provide business insights to a variety of organizations outside of IT, including marketing and operations. The Business Insights API can export raw data, so it can be used by other applications for more comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Offering network access also allows organizations to provide additional services and enhance loyalty. Savvy enterprises and organizations use the analytics from the network to improve engagement with visitors and fans through a range of experiences and services. At the same time, IT teams can ensure availability and speed.

Business Insights for Venues empowers organizations with valuable information encompassing trends, patterns, and correlations concealed within the network data so that they can optimize operations, deliver personalized experiences, and make data-driven decisions that monetize investments and impact the bottom line.

Delve into comprehensive audience behavior patterns, from entry to exit. Gain insights into crowd movement, popular gathering spots, and real-time engagement levels. Tailor offerings to enhance customer engagement and create memorable moments.

Insights gleaned from Business Insights for Venues can be used to identify behavior to increase patronage, expand brand exposure, and understand client demographics and preferences.

Here are some examples:

  • Improve Operations: Venues can use real-time location analytics to identify bottlenecks that could impact the fan experience or cause safety issues, allowing them to shift staff and minimize impact to fans. User, device and bandwidth insights help keep the network functioning at optimal levels.
  • Measure Marketing Effectiveness: Understand what applications are being used on-site (social media, venue apps, betting apps, sponsor apps), understand how visitors are leveraging them to enhance their experience, and show the effectiveness of marketing and sponsorship spend.
  • Identify New Opportunities: Track engagement with sponsor activity, leverage app engagement to create new experiences, or identify new sponsors.

ExtremeCloud Business Insights for Venues operates as a dual-pronged service. It offers insights-as-a-service through readily available dashboards that require minimal setup effort. These out-of-the-box dashboards are designed to offer pertinent insights, sidestepping the need for complex configuration or data wrangling.

In addition, ExtremeCloud Business Insights for Venues serves as a data-as-a-service platform at the same time, facilitating data democratization to enable seamless integration with an organization's proprietary data sources using APIs. This flexibility empowers customers to blend their in-house data streams with the platform's capabilities, enabling a more comprehensive view of their operations and customer interactions.