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LRM/MACsec Adapter


Product Highlights

  • Adds 10Gb Long Reach Multimode (LRM) support to an Extreme switching SFP+ switch port
  • Optional 128- or 256-bit MACsec link encryption via software license
  • Supports up to two ports of LRM and/ or MACsec encryption per Adapter
  • Simultaneous LRM and MACsec on each SFP+ port
  • Fan-less device
  • Direct attach SFP+ host cables supplied with Adapter
  • Optional rack-mount bracket that holds up to 5 LRM/ MACsec Adapters in 1RU

The LRM/MACsec Adapter is a two-port external adapter that can be used in conjunction with an Extreme switch to add 10 Gigabit Long Reach Multimode (LRM) and/or MACsec link encryption to the switch. It effectively enables either LRM or MACsec support on SFP/SFP+ switch ports that do not otherwise support these capabilities.

The Adapter is equipped with four physical SFP+ ports: two for direct connection to the host switch and two for external link connection. Two host cables are also included with each Adapter for connection to the host switch. Fully managed from the host switch, the Adapter does not require any setup via local console cable or Ethernet port.

The Adapter provides the necessary hardware to drive up to two LRM external links when connected to the host switch's 10Gb SFP+ ports. The Adapter can simultaneously support MACsec encryption across the same LRM links. MACsec-only operation is also possible on host switch ports when LRM is not required. (Note: A separate license must be applied on the host switch for MACsec encryption.)

An optional multi-unit rack-mount kit is available that holds up to five LRM/MACsec Adapters in a single RU.


The Adapter supports the IEEE 802.1AE standard for MACsec, including 128-bit and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for secure link encryption. By encrypting traffic from the host switch through the Adapter, it ensures secure communications for all Ethernet traffic across the external link. MACsec functionality can be provided to either 1Gb SFP or 10Gb SFP+ ports on the host switch.

The Adapter can receive power from the host switch via host cables included with the Adapter. Depending on configuration, the Adapter may require auxiliary power. A USB (micro-B) cable is included with the Adapter for instances when auxiliary power is needed. Refer to the Extreme switching Hardware Installation Guide for details.