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Half-Duplex to Full-Duplex Converter

Enable half-duplex connections with older Ethernet devices

Product Highlights



  • Line-rate conversion of four 10/100Mb half-duplex ports to 10/100/1000Mb full-duplex
  • Line-rate conversion of four 10/100/1000Mb full-duplex ports to 10/100Mb half-duplex


  • Fan-less device
  • External power brick
  • 0⁰C to 40⁰C operating range
  • Half-duplex support on four 10/100Mb user ports
  • Full-duplex support on four 10/100/1000Mb switch ports

The Half-Duplex to Full-Duplex Converter can be used in conjunction with full-duplex switches to provide 10/100Mb half-duplex connections to older Ethernet devices.


Many high-speed switches today do not support half-duplex connections that some older Ethernet devices support exclusively. This converter enables those older half-duplex devices to be connected to modern high-speed switches that only support full-duplex.

The converter has four half-duplex user ports that support 10/100Mb half-duplex connections and four 10/100/1000Mb full-duplex ports for connecting to the modern switch. All buffering and speed/duplex conversion is handled by the external converter.

The converter is an unmanaged device. It does not have a console port nor can it be managed via any of its Ethernet ports. As an unmanaged device, network collisions and other half-duplex statistics on the half-duplex ports are not reported to the full-duplex switch ports. Therefore, network monitoring of the half-duplex ports is not supported.

The converter is powered via a small external power brick. There is one power brick for the North American market (NEMA 1-15P) and another power brick for the rest of the world (CEE 7/1). Therefore there are two different ordering numbers.

Note: The Half-Duplex to Full-Duplex Converter is not certified for sale in the following countries: China, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Russia.