Scalable, High-Performance, Cost-Effective Edge Switching 

Scalable Advanced Edge Switch

Scalable advanced edge switch X450-G2 | Extreme Networks Switching

Scalable Cost-effective Family of Edge Switches

Role-based policy and host integrity enforcement, and identity management. Universal Port Dynamic Security Profiles to provide fine granular security policies in the network

Flexible Port Configuration

All models come equipped with either 4 ports of SFP+ 10 GbE or 4 ports of SFP 1GbE resident on the faceplate of each model.

High-Performance Stacking

Up to eight X450-G2 switches can be stacked using two different methods of stacking: SummitStack-V, and SummitStack-V84. Each X450-G2 unit comes equipped with 2 ports of 21 Gigabit stacking ports via a QSFP interface.

More features
  • 48-port or 24-port Gigabit Ethernet models
  • 4 ports of SFP+ 10GbE/1GbE or 4 ports of SFP 1GbE on front faceplate
  • All configurations non-blocking full duplex
  • Copper and PoE-Plus models
  • Secure Network Access through Role-based policy or Identity Management
  • Front-to-Back airflow
  • Modular PoE power supplies
  • Role-based policy capabilities allow individualized access to specific applications or services
  • 850W of PoE-Plus budget with 1 PSU
  • 1440W of PoE-Plus Budget with 2 PSUs
  • Y.1731 OAM Measurements in hardware for accuracy
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet –IEEE 802.3az
  • Hot-swappable fan tray and PoE power supplies

X450-G2 Technical Specifications

ExtremeXOS Operating System Data Sheet

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