Wireless Services Controller WiNGVX 9000

Wireless Services Controller

Wi-Fi Access Point VX 9000 Controller | Extreme Networks Wireless

Comprehensive Cloud-Ready Wireless Services and a Single Point of Control for Any Size Enterprise

The ExtremeMobility WiNG VX 9000 combines the power of virtualization with Extreme Networks’ industry-leading WiNG controller, creating a virtual controller in a class of its own. The cost-effectiveness of virtualization combines with high performance advanced wireless services, endless scalability, superior deployment flexibility, and centralized management of the entire wireless network through a single windowpane, bringing a new level of simplicity, cost-efficiency, and much-needed hardware independence to the wireless LAN.

Advanced WiNG Operating System

The ExtremeMobility WiNG OS provides the advanced brainpower required to create the “fully network aware“ WLAN, allowing every piece of infrastructure in your wireless network to work together to route every transmission as efficiently as possible.

Minimize Deployment Cost with Maximum Deployment Flexibility

Not only is the WiNG VX 9000 easy to deploy, it also brings a new level of ease to WLAN deployment. The WiNG VX 9000 supports virtually any server and all of the leading, commercially available Hypervisors for fast and seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure — without adding any new hardware.

More features
  • Comprehensive Integrated Networks Security Services
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Cloud-Ready with Cost-Efficient Infinite Scalability
  • Virtualized Software-Based WLAN Controller

WiNG VX 9000 Technical Specifications