Closing the Digital Divide from Sea to Shining Sea

Lauren Farah Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 30 Aug 2021

Modernizing infrastructure takes a nation. Back in the 1930s, New Deal projects put people back to work, while striving to improve infrastructure.  In 1956, President Eisenhower distributed the Highway Trust Fund to establish the national highway system. Today, the situation is very similar. President Biden signed The American Rescue Plan (ARP), offering $350 billion in available funds for state and local governments to rebuild and recover from the pandemic.

Currently, the status quo across the country is planning, with task forces and committees created to determine appropriate use of the funds –namely realistic, impactful initiatives. State and local IT teams can leverage the money for strategic initiatives and smart community projects.

The Department of Treasury offered broad guidelines for the disbursement of funds. The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Interim Final Rule (IFR) notes counties can use revenue recoupment cash for any government services – such as Smart City components. For example, municipalities can improve information communication technology (ICT) to better inform citizens and deliver higher quality of government services.

Extreme recognizes the opportunity for states, counties and cities provided by the federal government. The era of Smart City is coming, and we can help.

  • Update and upgrade IT maintenance and expansion of cloud-based services
  • Modernization of cybersecurity, including software, hardware and protection of critical infrastructure
  • Simple and automated network, enhancing efficiency and cutting costs for open data access
  • Inherent network security through secure zones and stealth networking
  • High-performance wireless that is simple to deploy and manage allowing for increased mobility/Wi-Fi

State and Local governments can offer an improved constituent experience via enhanced services that matter most to residents and visitors – like public Wi-Fi and transportation. Find operational efficiency to accelerate digital transformation and gain optimal ROI. Discover second-to-none network security, while delivering uninterrupted critical services.

Federal funding is closing the digital divide, from sea to shining sea. The era of smart communities and infrastructure is here, and it’s time to act.

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