Extreme Network Fabrics

Optimized for Simplicity, Scale and Agility

Organizations undergoing digital transformation require flexible network infrastructure to ensure business agility and provide competitive advantage. Optimized for their specific roles in end-to end networking solutions, Extreme network fabrics provide far higher levels of performance, utilization, availability, and simplicity than traditional architectures.

Extreme Campus Fabric

Extreme Networks Fabric Connect redefines networking to match the needs of organizations operating in the digital age. Leveraging simplicity to create agility, this empowers rapid and seamless service delivery. A future-proofed foundation for today’s megatrends of virtualization, cloud,

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Extreme Data Center Fabrics

Extreme IP Fabrics and VCS Fabrics provide optimal data center network underlays for organizations undergoing digital transformation. Agile, automated and easy to scale up or out, Extreme data center fabrics can adapt quickly to changes in traffic flows, packet sizes, and protocols while enabling the virtual constructs of server virtualization, network virtualization, and SDN.

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Unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, and Control

See Our Extreme Network Fabrics:

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