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Get Insights, Visibility and Control for Superior Quality of User Experience

From the Edge to the Private Cloud

Extreme Management Center

Your network drives your business objectives across wired and wireless, from application to user.


Our Extreme Management Center gives you actionable insights, granular visibility, and automated control over users, devices, and applications.


So your business can thrive.

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Make your network more secure with control over who gains access, when and where.

In-depth visibility and control over users and devices empower you to gain a unified view of the security across your wired and wireless networks.

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Gain actionable insight into critical business applications.

ExtremeAnalytics empower organizations to save operational costs, accelerate trouble resolution, and deliver a superior quality of experience with real-time data in one easy-to-read dashboard.

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Manage the network with a 360° view from application to device.

ExtremeManagement delivers integrated management of your wired and wireless infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Zero Touch Provisioning eliminates manual provisioning and configuring when adding network devices. One dashboard aggregates the view of users, devices, and applications.

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Reduce Risk and Save Cost with a Fully Automated Network Configuration Compliance Solution

Create and maintain a clinical operations baseline, and ensure your network configurations comply to HIPAA and PCI with our fully automated Information Governance Engine.

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Easy integration with major enterprise platforms in your network eco-system.

ExtremeConnect empowers you to automate your network infrastructure and security end-to-end by integrating ExtremeManagement Center with major enterprise platforms including network security, mobile management, analytics, cloud and datacenter. In addition, ExtremeConnect offers an open northbound API for customized integrations.

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Innovation Requires Intelligent Networks

High performance along with scalability, intelligence, simplicity, and security. Enabled by innovative technology, powered by your business demands.

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