Extreme's Fabric Connect

Cut Costs, While Improving Security and Agility with a Virtual Network Solution

A New Way to Build Networks

  • Move beyond networks that are inefficient, vulnerable to outages, and complex to operate and manage. Look ahead to an innovative way to design, operate and manage your network that is simple, agile, resilient, and secure.
  • Improve network security by segmenting the network end to end in a simplified way. Completely isolate and protect customer information and data with our unique hypersegmentation, stealth, and elasticity capabilities.
  • See faster time to service, better agility, better business continuity, and increased efficiency in your network. Extreme’s Fabric Connect’s enhanced implementation of the Shortest Path Bridging standard will allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of your business.

Be More Agile

Create a dynamic environment where new or changed services can be implemented on the fly—taking only minutes instead of days, weeks, or months.


With reported 11x faster time to service, Extreme’s Fabric Connect offers edge only provisioning – eliminating time consuming and risky hop by hop provisioning.

Eliminate Complexity

Extreme’s Fabric Connect supports integrated Layer 2, Layer 3, IP routing, and IP multicast services with a single next-generation technology. Migrate away from complex legacy protocol overlays (STP RIP, OSPF, BGP, PIM, etc) to take advantage of faster recovery times and simplified management and troubleshooting.

Improve Network Uptime

Never drop a VoIP call or lose a video call again. Gain sub-second recoveries for all Layer 2, Layer 3, IP routing, and IP multicast services. See a significant improvement over conventional Spanning Tree/OSPF-based networks, as well as a massive improvement over average recovery times in PIM-based Multicast networks.

Contain breaches and protect yourself against would-be-hackers

Extreme’s unique hyper-segmentation capabilities create dead ends for hackers. Through the creation of isolated and secure end to end network segments, if a single segment of the network is attacked, hyper-segmentation prevents uncontrolled access everywhere. Furthermore, our native stealth capabilities ensure that the network topology remains hidden. For would be hackers – what you can’t see, you can’t attack. Lastly the elasticity of our solution means services are created and also retracted dynamically based on who or what is connecting to the network, eliminating potential back door entry points.

Reduce Operating Costs with Network Fabric

Put money back in your pocket. Our simplified network virtualization solution eliminates cumbersome manual tasks, reducing IT operating expenses. High-priority change requests can be made easily at the network edge rather than during off hours. Plus, a single-technology network that reduces complex provisioning of protocol overlays simplifies management and troubleshooting.

Take advantage of 28x more scalable IP Multicast

Extreme’s Fabric Connect offers a scalable, reliable and efficient way of supporting IP Multicast Routing, without the onerous requirement of configuring, deploying, and maintaining a complex overlay such as PIM.Deploy applications such as IPTV, IP video surveillance, desktop imaging and more with greater ease, higher performance and greater scale with this innovative technology.

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Unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, and Control

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