Extreme has closed acquisition of Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN business

Cloud-Native SD-WAN, Application Intelligence, and SASE Ecosystem to Strengthen ExtremeCloud Portfolio, Helping Customers Accelerate to the Infinite Enterprise

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On the heels of a record-breaking quarter and fiscal year, where we introduced several innovative cloud management capabilities and cutting edge wired and wireless technologies, we’re excited to share we’ve closed the acquisition of Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN business.

Extreme’s Technology Vision: The Infinite Enterprise

The future of networks is changing. Hear Extreme’s compelling technology vision: The Infinite Enterprise, as presented by Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Extreme Networks.

Customer FAQs

FAQ for Customers

Extreme today announced that it has closed the acquisition of Ipanema SD-WAN, a division of parent company Infovista ahead of schedule. The acquisition will expand Extreme’s market leading ExtremeCloud portfolio, offering new cloud-managed SD-WAN and security offerings required to power the Infinite Enterprise. With Ipanema, Extreme:

• Adds cloud-driven SD-WAN capabilities
• Acquires a platform to build future security capabilities
• Expands the reach and relevance of our cloud portfolio

Ipanema’s solution automatically and dynamically adjusts application traffic flows based on real-time network conditions, providing increased performance and improved quality of experience, even under diverse conditions across various types of cloud-managed WAN connectivity. Extreme plans to leverage these capabilities to establish an infinitely distributed and secure solution within the ExtremeCloud portfolio – progressing the company’s position as one of the world’s most advanced cloud platforms. This will add more flexibility, capability, and security when connecting locations, applications, and devices, enabling Extreme to provide the best possible experience to customers and their consumers, wherever they are in their journey toward the Infinite Enterprise.

How will customers benefit from the two companies/solutions coming together?

The addition of Ipanema solutions to the ExtremeCloud portfolio will provide customers with more capabilities, flexibility, and data driven insights as they journey forward to realizing the benefits of the Infinite Enterprise. The Ipanema technology will expand the ExtremeCloud portfolio by providing new cloud- managed SD-WAN offerings. Customers will benefit from the inifinite distribution of secure, cloud-driven connectivity – allowing them to deliver new remote workplaces, advanced distance learning and mission-critical telemedicine requirements, among other services. We plan to augment our ExtremeCloud portfolio within the next 9-12 months and will offer seamless interoperability across our Universal Platforms.

Will Extreme discontinue any Ipanema solutions?

Extreme intends to offer Ipanema solutions as part of its ExtremeCloud solution over time.

Will Extreme sell Ipanema SD-WAN as a standalone solution?

Yes, we will sell Ipandema SD-WAN as a standalone solution for the forseeable future.

Will existing Ipanema customer support agreements continue to be honored?

Ipanema customer support agreements will continue to be honored. Get more details about the Ipanema Support and Services transition here.

How will customers know if there is a change to their sales account team?

Should there be any changes to account teams, these will be communicated to customers directly.

Who should Ipanema customers call for product support?

Ipanema customers should continue to work through existing product support channels. Get more details about the Ipanema Support and Services transition here.

Will Ipanema products be end of lifed as a result of this acquisition?

Extreme intends to make the Ipanema SD-WAN solutions an offering within its cloud- managed technology portfolio.

Partner FAQs

How will partners benefit from this acquisition?

Ipanema expands the ExtremeCloud portfolio by providing new SD-WAN offerings. Ipanema’s solutions are delivered as an on-demand, cloud managed service to be deployed, consumed, and scaled just like Extreme’s existing cloud services. Together, Extreme and Ipanema provide channel partners an expanded solution set from the industry’s fastest growing cloud-network management company and a proven SD-WAN innovator to grow existing customers, attract new customers, and expand into new markets and segments. For partners focused on building recurring revenue services to best support fast- moving organizations, Ipanema helps expand Extreme’s as-a-Service portfolio and business to drive increased average revenue per account (ARPA), as well as additional high-margin subscription revenue.

Does Extreme plan to continue Ipanema partner relationships?

Yes. It is critical to maintain the go-to-market motions Ipanema has established. We expect to purposefully augment these channel relationships by providing these partners access to sell Extreme’s full breadth of cloud-driven networking offerings. adding existing Extreme solutions to their portfolio of offerings.

Will Ipanema partners begin reselling Extreme solutions?

Yes. As the integration progresses, we expect to be able to offer Extreme products to all qualified Ipanema channel partners. Additionally, we expect that this transaction will further expand our portfolio of cloud and/or SaaS-centric partners.

Will there be any changes to the Extreme partner program?

As we look to augment the existing Extreme offering, we will evolve our partner programs to incentivize and support our partners as appropriate. There are no plans or changes to announce at this time.

Will there be any changes to the Ipanema partner program?

No changes are planned at this time. We will perform a comprehensive review of all channel programs to ensure our partners’ success as we continue to evolve our portfolio of cloud-driven networking solutions.

Who should I reach out to with any questions?

Feel free to direct any questions to whatsthedeal@extremenetworks.com

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