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T-5 System

Unique Wi-Fi Over VDSL2 for Affordable High-Speed Wi-Fi in Guest Rooms

Superior Coverage and Performance in Every Corner of Every Guest Room

The T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system puts the technology where it will deliver the best possible service – in your guest rooms. The T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system eliminates coverage and connectivity issues with its unique architecture that delivers in- room coverage at its best. Coverage strength inside each guest room is dependable, with no more “dead zones” or Fluctuating performance levels that drive guests into other parts of the hotel in search of acceptable Internet connections.

TS-524 (T-5 System)

Deliver High-Speed, Dependable Wi-Fi Access in the Guest Room, Over Your Existing In-Room Phone Lines

With the T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system from Extreme Networks, you can cost-effectively deliver high-speed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage inside every guest room in your hotel and expand your wireless network bandwidth to accommodate more devices – without having to install new or rip-and-replace existing wiring.

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TW-522 Wall Plate

Deliver Cost-Effective In-Room High-Speed Wi-Fi Service Over Your Existing In-Room Telephone Lines and Take Service to the Next Level

You need to provide in-room Wi-Fi access in your large campus environment — but the cost of installing a WLAN that can deliver dependable service in hotel rooms, dorm rooms, or assisted living apartments has been prohibitive. Now, you can provide high-speed Wi-Fi services and more in the largest campus-style environments quickly, easily, and cost-effectively with the TW-522.

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Delivering Wi-Fi for a Quality Guest Experience

Today’s connected guests expect pervasive Wi-Fi coverage wherever they are, whether it’s in a hotel room, on the showroom floor at a convention center, or sitting at a restaurant bar.  Learn how Extreme delivers robust, reliable Wi-Fi solutions for any property or environment.

Guest Wireless: Hospitality Solution Brief

Unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, and Control

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