Product Security Advisory: HiveManager 6, December 2015 Patch


On 6 March the Apache Foundation released a patch for the Struts 2 framework, also known as “Jakarta Struts” and “Apache Struts”. This is a Java framework commonly used by Java-based web applications, and is a component within Aerohive HiveManager Classic and other products. The patch fixes an easy to exploit vulnerability in the multipart parser that is typically used for file uploads. A Metasploit module was released that same day, other exploit code has subsequently been published, and by the end of that week active exploits on the Internet were observed.


  • Aerohive HiveOS, all versions, is NOT vulnerable. HiveOS does not contain Apache or Struts.
  • Aerohive HiveManager is NOT vulnerable. HiveManager does not use Struts.
  • Aerohive Mobility Suite (comprising ID Manager, Client Management, and Social Login) is NOT vulnerable.
  • Aerohive HiveManager Classic OnLine (HMOL), all versions, was vulnerable, but all affected servers have now been patched.
  • Aerohive cloud servers (MyHive, Redirector, License servers, etc) were vulnerable, but all affected servers have now been patched.
  • Aerohive HiveManager Classic on-premises, versions 6.8r7 and earlier, are vulnerable. Versions 6.8r7a and later are not.


The vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to include code in the “Content-Type” header of an HTTP request, which then gets executed by the web server.


The vulnerability was publicly disclosed as a result of the Apache patch release.  It was first brought to Aerohive’s attention by, and we offer out sincere thanks to, Jacco van Tujil and Ajay S. Kulal (Twitter:

It has been assigned CVE-2017-5638 by the National Vulnerability Database.


HIGH to Aerohive customers who use HiveManager Classic on-premises.
NONE to Aerohive customers who use HiveManager, HiveManager Classic Online, or Mobility Suite.
CVSS    v2 Base Score: 10.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C)


No action is needed for Aerohive cloud products, including HiveManager Classic OnLine and HiveManager-NG. Aerohive applied patches to these servers proactively and all patches were completed as of Thursday 16 March 2017.

Users of Aerohive’s on-premises version of HiveManager Classic should immediately retrieve from the Aerohive support portal the appropriate HiveManager version 6.8r7a image for your environment and the hivemanager-struts patch located in the HiveManager Classic 6.8r7a folder and install them in that sequence.

On-premises HiveManager Classic customers who have their server located in a Network Operations Center also can place a web application firewall and/or Intrusion Detection System in front of their HiveManager server.  Signatures to detect an attack of this type for the popular SNORT IDS and Alienvault USM products have already been published, and signatures for other popular firewalls and IDS are expected shortly.


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Revision 1 / 2017-03-17 / Initial publication
Revision 2 / 2017-10-05 / Final revision, updated to reflect HiveManager on-premises versions


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