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Making the Managed Services Decision

Enabling Better Use of Your IT Resources

Getting a better ROI from your IT staff while make the budgeting and network management processes easier.

Is Network Managed Services Right for You?

Thinking about whether to make the move to Managed Services for your network? Check out this helpful guide.

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Can Network Managed Services Help You?

Check out this short video that provides answers to commonly asked Network Managed Services questions.

New Applications Are Stressing Your Network

Is your IT staff ready for IoT, Big Data, and other data-centric apps?

Why Managed Services?

Focusing your IT resources on your strategic initiatives can help your company be competitive faster.

What Are Your Options?

We believe you should have options based on your IT staff’s skills, budget, and your strategic objectives.

Executives See Benefits in Managed Services

IT downtime costs $26.5 billion in lost revenues*. With 90% of the IT Managers lacking confidence in their companies’ ability to detect and resolve problems, having a dedicated resource you can hold accountable saves money and increases productivity.

*Source: “The Avoidable Cost of Downtime” Part 2, CA Technologies

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WiNG Managed Services

Enlist fully managed, ITIL-based services designed to maximize the effectiveness of your IT department and help you stay ahead of advancing networking technology.<br />

Delivering stable network management at consistent service levels can seem like a vast undertaking as complexity increases and cost-pressured IT departments set their sights on high infrastructure performance, availability and security with a limited budget. How effectively does your network support high value solutions that carry data, video and voice to and from your users?

If you’re looking to maintain superior network service levels, gain comprehensive visibility and eliminate the need to juggle multiple points of outside support, having a single vendor responsible for the overall management of your network is your answer. Give your IT team the time they deserve to focus on your critical initiatives and secure predictable annual costs for network management at long last.

At Extreme Networks, we believe in freedom for your technical resources and permanent access to comprehensive wired, wireless and security technical expertise. Regardless of your network configuration, optimum operation and enhanced service value are within reach.

What Extreme Networks WiNG Managed Services Deliver

Managed Infrastructure Service

Fully managed service for Extreme wired and wireless networks, delivering highly available and secure network operations.

ADSP Managed Security Service

Fully managed 24/7 security threat monitoring service through Extreme Networks ADSP wireless IPS solution, helping maintain the security and privacy of customer networks.

Managed Guest Access Service

Fully managed, scalable Guest internet access network solution, enabling customer and associate access to strategic service offers and applications.

All services are available as stand-alone offers or in combination with one another, guaranteed to deliver capacity to your IT team and value to your business.

  • Structured, scalable ITIL-based service delivery processes
  • Continuous remote monitoring of critical infrastructure assets
  • Defined change process to control changes to network configuration and efficiently execute changes when required
  • Periodic service releases to maintain optimum network operation and enhance service value
  • Full access to Extreme’s wired, wireless and security technical expertise
  • Reduced vendor management overhead
  • Predictable annual costs for network management

Extreme Networks WiNG Managed Services provide you with a single trusted partner to help guide your technology evolution over the long run and keep your network running effectively and securely.

  • Gain the responsive, high-touch networking expertise you need and take advantage of an engineering knowledge pool with extensive industry tenure.
  • Relieve your IT team from ongoing network operational demands and redirect their energies to the projects that align with their talents and contribute to your strategic business initiatives.
  • Get ahead of the fast-paced evolution of technology and keep your systems up-to-date with business-focused solutions.
  • Consolidate multiple points of outside support into a single, dedicated partner for resolving complex network performance issues.

The Extreme Partnership You Can Count On

Extreme Networks WiNG Managed Services are designed to simplify the operation of your increasingly complex network resources. When you make Extreme your partner, you gain expertise across all areas of your network infrastructure and confidence in the total management of performance and security. You can trust in 24/7 delivery executed by 100% in-sourced engineering expertise. Work with a single expert network service partner that scales with you and manages your infrastructure needs at a predictable cost.

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