Internet of Things

Manage and Secure IoT

Discover, Secure and Monitor Connected Devices with Ease

What’s needed? Enhanced visibility and control over IoT

With the continued influx of connected devices, organizations are looking for ways to gain better visibility of connected devices, to control their access to the network and to apply security to IoT devices that lack embedded security features.  Ongoing monitoring of IoT devices is needed so that anomalous behavior can be detected and remediated quickly and efficiency.

Traditional Networking

Extreme Networks

Benefits of Extreme Networks IoT Solutions

Consistent policy-based security

Extreme’s IoT solutions offer the ability to easily apply whitelist profiles to IoT devices to limit communication to only what is authorized. Controlled network access is also provided to ensure that authorized IoT devices are on-boarded quickly and efficiently while compromised devices are quickly identified and quarantined from the network.

Isolation of IoT devices into Secure Zones

Extreme Networks facilitates the deployment of groups of IoT devices in their own secure zone or network segment. Going way beyond traditional VLANs, IoT devices can be segmented using Fabric Connect hyper-segments (in the case of an Extreme network deployment) or via IPSec tunnels.

Automated IoT Behavioral Monitoring

Extreme Networks IoT behavioral monitoring leverages ML/AL to learn the expected behavior of network endpoints, and automatically trigger alerts and act when an endpoint acts in an unusual way. It uses an unsupervised approach to enforce IoT security, delivering threat detection and mitigation without any human intervention.

Extreme IoT Solutions

Control network access for your connected devices

Apply granular controls over who, what, when, where and how endpoints are allowed on the network.

Enhance security for critical IoT devices

Segment and apply policies with ease to your mission critical IoT devices.

Deploy scalable network segmentation with ease

Isolate and protect your critical information, assets and devices with scalable, easy to deploy network segments

Automate IoT behavior monitoring

Learn the expected behavior of network endpoints, to automatically trigger an alert if an IoT device acts anomalous

Support Flexible Wireless Connectivity

Whether your IoT device is connecting via traditional WiFi, BLE, Bluetooth or a Thread Mesh, seamless support is provided by our APs

Track the location of IoT Devices

Increase operational efficiency by being able to locate IoT assets with the level of granularity that meets your business needs.