Delivering a Secure Experience for the Modern K-12 Environment

Published 14 Nov 2022

Green Bay Area Public Schools serve nearly 20,000 students and 2,500 staff across 43 locations. At each of those locations, every student and teacher is consuming a curriculum that is increasingly online and driven by streaming videos, all of which needs to be supported by their network. With as much as 1.5 GBps going across the network in just streaming video traffic, that is no small task.

But online learning is not just a performance challenge. Keeping students safe when they’re online is just as important, and doing so means the school’s IT team needs granular control over who can access what on the network.

“As technology becomes more robust, I think school districts face many challenges – and we are expected to do more with less,” said Amy Sterckx, Executive Director of Technology and Information at Green Bay Area Public Schools. “We’re adding more devices, we’re adding more programs, curricular components are going online, and staff are expected to have a connection 24/7 to the resources they need.”

Watch this video to find out how Sterckx and the team at Green Bay Area Public Schools are partnering with Extreme to address the complex challenges faced by large K-12 school districts and overcoming them to create a better experience for students and faculty.

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