Extended Edge Switching: A Versatile, Easy-to-Deploy Option for the Switched Edge

Published 2 Jul 2021

Network complexity remains an ongoing challenge for today’s network administrator. This challenge is especially acute when extending the wired infrastructure into new enterprise environments. Installing new switches (or moving existing switches) brings with it a heavy administrative overhead – with each switch and switch port needing its own set-up and provisioning. Furthermore, the administrator must ensure that provisioned services match what the edge switch can support. What if there was a simpler and easier way to deploy, set-up and administer the edge of your network? Extreme’s Extended Edge Switching is a solution that lets you deploy and oversee a more versatile and easily managed switched infrastructure that seamlessly extends advanced network services to the edge.

Highlights of Extreme Extended Edge Switching:

  • Seamlessly extend advanced switching features to the network edge
  • Collapse multiple network layers into a single logical services architecture
  • Centralized, single point of control for reduced complexity and operational expense
  • Plug and play edge switch installation– just connect and power-up
  • Deploy scalable cost-efficient networks supporting thousands of extended remote ports
  • Versatile design options – all based on the 802.1BR standard

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