5G is Driving Mobile Edge Compute

Published 5 May 2021
Service Provider and especially 5G Mobile Operators are forced to push more compute and storage power to the edge of their network. Leveraging their existing distributed geo infrastructure is a great asset. Building up 5G micro data centers – build with Integrated Application Hosting and IP Fabric Management – enable and simplify the management of IP-Fabric networks that deliver the foundation for emerging applications in the 5G eco-system.

For Mobile Service Providers (MSPs), Edge computing is as an evolution of cloud computing and brings application hosting from centralized data center down to the network edge, closer to the enterprise and consumer, and the data generated by applications. Edge computing is acknowledged as one of the key pillars for meeting the demanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of 5G, especially as far as low latency and bandwidth efficiency are concerned.

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