Cloud Managed Networking for Dummies: Concepts, Architectures & Benefits


Network architectures have shifted from hardware appliances and virtual machines toward a software- and cloud-first paradigm. Though most IT professionals understand the vast momentum and opportunity of the cloud, many are yet to take control of cloud systems and architectures to bring their network up to speed for today’s distributed and remote connectivity needs, as well as for ease of management, higher performance and TCO optimization.

In your free copy of Cloud Managed Networking for Dummies we’ll cover:

  • What is cloud networking and what are the key benefits you’re missing today?
  • A guide to cloud networking market terms, services and deployment models
  • Understanding cloud networking architecture and generations, software building blocks, and containers and microservices
  • How cloud-driven data science, machine learning and AI techniques change the game in availability, ease of management, and troubleshooting for your network
  • Key considerations for cloud operation and security
  • Perspectives to critically evaluate cloud networking solutions

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About the Author: Marcus Burton is a Technology Architect at Extreme Networks where he works on the adoption of cloud, machine learning, and other technologies to solve networking problems.

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