Trunk Networks Offers Dedicated Broadband Service for Gamers, Powered by Extreme Networks

Published 12 Sep 2019

Trunk Networks is a UK business offering a range of dedicated network, cloud and connectivity solutions that enable organizations to become more agile, productive and profitable. Currently, the UK broadband space is dominated by four big companies that control the majority of the market. A common trait between these major players is that they tend to throttle speeds and bandwidth for users during peak times to better manage the strain on their networks.

Technology Needs

  • 100 Gbps network connectivity with deep buffers and large route scale for demanding gaming customers


  • High speed with very low latency network
  • Optimal route connection with no packet loss to the game server reducing lag when connected online in-game
  • New network visibility gains with Extreme Insight Architecture
  • Extreme Fabric Automation built-in to automate manual tasks for faster setup and accelerating the rollout of new services and applications

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