Transforming the Classroom at Our Lady of Mercy College

Published 14 Jan 2019

Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC), Parramatta, is an independent Roman Catholic day school for girls. Its strategic improvement plan, ‘Transforming Towards 2020’, provides a framework that furthers the College’s commitment to excellence in education. The focus is on students’ learning experiences and wellbeing, as well as ensuring staff professional and personal competencies are continuously enhanced

OLMC’s network had evolved over time to include switches from three vendors and was running on a backbone of two separate fibre links. The updating of this aging environment needed to address the inherent risk of failure. Our Lady of Mercy College chose to upgrade their network with Extreme.

Technology Needs

  • Standardized, reliable, responsive network
  • Superior network performance with in-built network redundancy
  • Automated BYOD access and security policy compliance 


  • Automatic upgrades keep the network current in a consistent, disciplined way
  • Standardized on Extreme for a trouble-free network environment
  • Value for money both up front and in the longer term
  • OLMC can now leverage flexibility inherent in its network

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