Technology Needs

  • Dedicated space mimicking real-world working environment for hands-on networking training
  • Network infrastructure and equipment capable of hosting real-life industry simulations in alignment with curriculum
  • Student access to accreditations and certifications for competitive advantage in job market post-qualifying

Extreme Solution Components

  • Extreme Academy

Barnsley College Launches UK’s First Extreme Academy for Network Training

Barnsley College is a UK-based, further education college that provides A Levels, T Levels, apprenticeships and higher education for thousands of students. The college, which has been rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED, is a chosen starting point for individuals who want to achieve rewarding careers as a result of their education and qualifications. Located in South Yorkshire, England, the college is comprised of multiple campuses including the Sci Tech Digital Innovation Hub, that houses state of the art facilities promoting digital industry subjects, such as cybersecurity, network technologies, AI, ML, VR, software and programming. The college has received national BTEC awards for its apprenticeship learning programs.

To establish an immersive networking curriculum, Barnsley College needed a network infrastructure and training materials that would enable students to apply their skills in real-life scenarios and work with industry-standard hardware on campus. The college wanted to leverage the most up-to-date resources available so that both the college and students were provided with a competitive advantage in post-qualifying job searches and recruitment.

In partnership with Extreme Networks and NETprotocol, Barnsley College introduced a combination of Extreme solutions and Academy training materials to prepare students for a future in the networking industry. Extreme Academy introduces students to IT and networking through hands-on training modules in network design, cybersecurity, automation, and more. Students who complete Extreme Academy coursework and pass examinations can earn esteemed industry accreditations and certifications. Barnsley College can now leverage new teaching resources, state-of-the-art lab equipment, and a diverse training program to ensure its students are set up for success upon qualification.

“We have partnered up with Barnsley College to give students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of IT and to better equip them in the future job market. I ultimately hope Extreme Academy will help students find careers in the subject they love and help to inspire others to develop their digital skills.”

Matt Widdowson, Commercial Director, NETprotocol



Access to associate level certifications offers students competitive advantage post-grad

Network infrastructure and training materials create immersive networking curriculum and learning environment

Academy’s continuously developed curriculum offers opportunities for scalable training programs

“There is a continued shortage of skilled IT professionals, particularly when it comes to areas like networking analytics and cloud management. Extreme Academy helps address the increased need for networking expertise, while creating a community of networking experts versed in modern infrastructure and best practices. By augmenting traditional higher education curriculums with real-world training at no cost, we can help accelerate professional career development and readiness, enabling us to both narrow the digital divide and build a stronger IT workforce.”

Rohan Abey
Director of Training and Enablement, Extreme Networks

“Extreme Academy is an excellent program for any student interested in a career in network engineering or IT, as it provides the foundational skills necessary for them to get started without any prerequisites. Extreme has supported us throughout this process and has provided course materials that will enable our students to build high-demand skills in areas including cloud management and network analytics. It provides students at Barnsley College with both significant value and a competitive advantage for when they graduate.”

Azhar Iqbal
Director of IT, Barnsley College

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