Fabric to the Edge

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ExtremeCloudTM SD-WAN provides a secure, cost-effective, and low-risk means to connect sites and extend Fabric services globally, from the smallest branches to the largest data centers.

Fabric Extend facilitates auto discovery and configuration of fabric-enabled switches and access points across SD-WAN connected branches, enabling a zero-touch provisioned, centrally managed fabric across all sites.

Fabric Connect enables enhanced security and granular management via the use of LAN hypersegmentation based on IEEE 802.1Q. This greatly reduces the attack surface, acts as a stealth networking technology, and prevents east-west threat movement, enabling a highly secure environment.

Business Outcomes

  • Strengthened security posture with reduced attack surface and risk of lateral threat movement
  • Improved efficiency with zero touch provisioning of Wi-Fi APs and Ethernet switches
  • Reduced complexity with unified management of wired, wireless and SDWAN
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