10 Reasons Why Extreme Fabric Connect Provides the Right Foundation for Your Business

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With Extreme Fabric Connect, organizations can say goodbye to the complex and inflexible networks of the past and move towards a network that will enable them to be more responsive to their organization’s needs, reduce operations costs and increase their ability to innovate.

This paper examines ten attributes of Fabric Connect that contribute to it being one of the most agile and simple networking technologies on the market today; facilitating the roll out of advanced digital technology and business critical applications. They include:

  • Supports all of your network services with just one protocol
  • Accelerates time-to-service through network service automation
  • Simple and flexible network design
  • Delivers PIM-Free IP multicast that is scalable, resilient, and easy to manage
  • Inherent secure and stealth networking capabilities
  • “Lightning Fast” convergence times (sub-second)
  • Supports dynamic auto-attach capabilities
  • Works over third-party IP networks
  • Delivers policy-driven automation
  • Field-proven in prominent events such as the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games