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Jumpstart Your Automation Journey with Confidence

Automation Platform

Workflow Composer leverages StackStorm technology and its nearly 2000 customizable integration packs for popular platforms and applications to help IT organizations implement cross-domain workflow automation quickly.

Workflow Composer

DevOps-Inspired, Cross-Domain Automation Increases IT Agility and Accelerates Digital Transformation

Large Pool of Integrations

Workflow Composer, powered by StackStorm, includes nearly 2000 pre-wired integrations for popular cross-domain platforms and technologies such as AWS, Splunk, Slack, GitHub, Puppet, and Jira.


Cross-Domain Automation

Eliminate service provisioning and troubleshooting delays with cross-domain workflow automation


Event-driven, Cross-domain Automation

Reduce time-to-value and time-to-resolution while confidently transitioning to automation at your own pace with Workflow Composer Automation Suite’s tested and supported turnkey lifecycle automation of Extreme networks.


Easy Transition to Programmable Automation

Extreme offers a free download version of Workflow Composer and turnkey workflows are available for use or customization – so getting started couldn’t be easier.

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Automation Suites

Quickly Reduce Time-To-Value and Deploy with Confidence Using Turnkey Lifecycle Automation

Accelerate your automated networking services deployment with Workflow Composer Automation Suites. Complete, turnkey lifecycle automation for Extreme networks helps you deploy quickly and with confidence, knowing that all components have been tested and will be supported by a global support organization.


Easy To Deploy, Easy To Use

Turnkey network automation cuts time-to-value and time-to-resolution with customizable workflows that continue delivering value as skills and requirements change.


Total Lifecycle Network Automation

Workflow Composer Automation Suites are a powerful collection of automation workflows built and tested to provide provisioning, validation, troubleshooting, and remediation automation for Extreme network infrastructure.


Turnkey Automation with Confidence

Workflow Composer automation platform, powered by StackStorm and its nearly 2000 points of integration, provides cross-domain automation to link network automation with services tool chains for improving IT agility.



Workflow Composer automation platform and Automation Suites enable access to a thriving community for innovation and support, use well-known tools and methods, easily integrate with existing workflows.

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Flow Optimizer

Intelligent Policy-Based Large Flow Management

The Flow Optimizer application gives you insights into your network traffic by viewing large L2 through L4 traffic flows. The application improves visibility and control while offering new levels of network automation. With this added network intelligence, you can increase network efficiency, proactively improve capacity planning, and eliminate network congestion.


Detection and management of large L2-L4 traffic flows

  • Remarking QoS priorities for traffic flows
  • Redirecting flows
  • Rate Limiting (metering) flows
  • Discarding flows

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