WiNG AP 7612 Wall Plate

Wall Plate Access Point

Wi-Fi Access Point WiNG AP 7612 Wall Plate | Extreme Networks Wireless

A Small Package that Delivers Big Benefits

The ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 7612, Wave 2 802.11ac, enterprise-grade wall plate, may be small in size, but this surprisingly small AP is rich in functionality that can differentiate your business. Now, you can leap ahead of Wi-Fi demand with such over-the-top services as Bring Your Own Network (BYON), IPTV, and ultra high-definition programs.

One AP Per Guest Room For the “At Home” Experience

Having one WiNG AP 7612 in each guest room radically improves signal levels and power. Now, every smartphone, wearable device, and laptop a guest brings can be supported with superior connectivity and lightning speeds.

Cloud-ready out of the Box

The WiNG AP 7612 is cloud-ready out of the box and will support zero-touch provisioning and secure connectivity to ExtremeCloud, a single pane of glass for unified cloud management of Extreme switching wireless LAN across your network.

More features
  • Affordable Entry and Ownership
  • Rapid Installation
  • Hook-and-snap mounting system
  • Centralized management
  • Zero-disruption installations
  • Easy management
  • Multi User MIMO for Increased Capacity and Performance
  • Integrated Ethernet Port with Poe-Out for In-Room Devices

WiNG AP 7612 Technical Specifications