VDX 6940

Fixed 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)-optimized Switches

Fixed 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)-optimized Switches VDX 6940 | Extreme Networks Switching

Scale out Your Data Center Environments

VDX 6940 switches provide the advanced feature set that data centers require while delivering the high performance and low latency virtualized environments demand. Together with Extreme data center fabrics, these switches transform data center networks by enabling cloud-based architectures that deliver new levels of scale, agility, and operational efficiency.

Fabric Switches Pack Massive Capability into a Small Footprint

For organizations seeking automated provisioning capabilities to improve IT agility, VDX switches, together with Extreme VCS Fabric technology, accelerate time to value through automated provisioning of network devices and network virtualization.

Cloud and Big Data Environments

VDX 6940 switches deliver optimized buffer and latency and high performance to enable greater cross-sectional bandwidth for east-west traffic – exactly what cloud workloads demand. These switches offer the flexibility needed to scale out networks, deliver intelligence to more effectively manage VM mobility.

More features
  • Supports 1, 10,40 and 100 GbE options for optimal flexibility and scale
  • Meets today’s application demands with high performance and low latency
  • Delivers line-rate throughput for all ports and packet sizes
  • Maximizes network availability with efficiency and resiliency
  • Supports storage environments with advanced flexibility

VDX 6940 Technical Specifications

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