Terabit-class Modular Switches

High performance distributed switching

The Extreme Networks S-Series family of flow-based switches brings high performance distributed switching to the network access layer, distribution layer, enterprise/campus core, and data center. The S-Series family consists of the 8-slot S8, 6-slot S6, 4-slot S4, 3-slot S3, 1-slot S1A chassis and the fixed configuration S-Series Stand Alone (SSA).

Delivers tens of millions of flows for deep visibility and control.

Unique CoreFlow2 architecture delivers tens of millions of flows for deep visibility and control. This architecture ensures a very granular level of control to each flow at full line rate.

Multi-user, multi-method authentication

The S-Series is the only enterprise switch to support multi-user, multi-method authentication on every port - absolutely essential when you have devices such as IP phones, computers, printers, copiers, security cameras, badge readers, and virtual machines connected to the network.

More features
  • Terabit-class performance with granular traffic visibility and control
  • Industry leading Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities
  • Automated network provisioning for virtualized, cloud, and converged voice/video/data environments
  • Redundancy features maximizes business continuity for critical applications
  • Flexible connectivity and power options reduces cost of ownership
  • Hardware support for 40Gb, emerging protocols (IPv6), and large scale deployment protocols (MPLS)
  • Greater than 9.5 Tbps backplane capacity
  • Centrally managed policy architecture, granular rules at high scale, and physical layer security via MACsec

S-Series Technical Specifications

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