Cost-effective, Flow-based Switch

Versatile, High-density Switching for Campus-edge to Small Core Environments

The Extreme Networks K-Series is the most cost-effective, flow-based switching solution in the industry. Providing exceptional levels of automation, visibility, and control from the network edge to the small enterprise core, these flexible, modular switches significantly reduce operational costs while still offering premium features.

Flexible Premium Features

Advanced automated network provisioning maximizes the efficiency and reliability of supporting new IT services such as virtualized desktops. Integrated visibility, granularity, and control delivers significant cost savings and premium security for mission-critical networks

Supports Advanced Business Requirements

Easy to deploy access controls and prioritization provides more robust location, identification and overall management capabilities including support for “bring your own device” programs.

More features
  • Green and efficient power system modularity drives down power and cooling costs
  • Consistent end-user experience and network protection
  • Flexible-density, small form factor chassis
  • Management automation and built-in resiliency features drive down operational costs and maximize uptime
  • Reduces risk and simplifies network administration with built-in (not bolted-on) security
  • Protects business traffic from malicious attacks and maintains information confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Greater than 9.5 Tbps backplane capacity
  • Extends network access control and security to existing edge switches and wireless access points

K-Series Technical Specifications

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