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Our Information Governance Engine automatically assesses network configuration compliance for HIPAA, PCI and GDPR. This eliminates the manual process of validating the compliance of network device configurations across your network. Regularly automated assessments show how network changes impact compliance over time on an easy to read dashboard. Remediation maps, compliance scores, reports and ready to use templates are ready any time you need them.

With the Information Governance Engine, healthcare organization can create and maintain a clinical operations baseline and lower the risk of non-compliance.

Our Information Governance Engine is part of the Extreme Management Center and can be purchased as an add-on to ExtremeMangement.

Reduce Risk and Save Cost With a Fully Automate Network Configuration Compliance Solution

  • Easy to read dashboard for network configuration compliance of HIPAA, PCI and GDPR
  • Automatic analysis of network configurations across the wired and wireless network
  • Detailed remediation maps for compliance issues
  • Audit-driven templates and reports
  • Regularly scheduled automated assessments
  • Automatic alerts to changes in network configurations compliance
  • Assessments with records of analysis and scoring
  • Compliance data, scoring and assessment trails
  • Compliance change history trails

Save Cost and Time By Automating Network Configuration Compliance

  • Manage Complex Compliance Regulations, Pass Audits and Avoid Penalties
  • Easily Create and Maintain Compliance Baselines and Determine Your Network Configurations Ongoing Compliance to HIPAA, PCI and GDPR
  • Augment Endpoint Solutions to Extend Automated Compliance Reporting from Devices to Network Configurations
  • Eliminate Multi-Day Manual Audits with Regularly Scheduled Automated Assessments

Lower the Risk of Compliance Breaches

  •  Receive Alerts to Changes In Network Configurations That Are Out of Compliance With HIPAA, PCI and GDPR
  • Schedule Regular Network Configuration Compliance Assessments With Records of the Analysis and Scoring
  • Prepare for Audits with Compliance Data, Scoring and Assessment Trails
  • Track Compliance Changes Over Time

Our Information Governance Engine is part of the Extreme Management Center.
For additional specification see the Extreme Management Center Data Sheet

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