Guest Access & Analytics with ExtremeGuest

Guest Access and Analytics

ExtremeGuest | Extreme Networks Applications

Comprehensive, configurable on-boarding for wireless networks

ExtremeGuest gives customers the flexibility to login the way they choose, while providing valuable demographic data using simple-click-through.

  • Simple click-of a button drill-down to specific guest information in the Monitor tab.
  • Provision and manage access with Intuitive navigation of up to 10 million users across multiple networks
  • Customizable dashboards with drag and drop widgets allow easy setup for different visibility and metric view.
  • Customizable splash pages including site specific splash pages
  • Store manager view

Easy Guest Self-Registration

Self-registration with customizable fields or one-time password with SMS/email notification or Social ID logins (LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter).

Design with Scalability in Mind

Architected to provide unmatched scalability that supports up to 10 Million user database needed for any large distributed stores, venues and enterprise locations, providing universal visibility to all user activity in a multi-site deployment.

Deep Analytics from Demographics to Behavior

Offers a rich set of analytics that gives deep insight into demographic and behavioral characteristics of the user population, so that the marketing campaigns can be more personal and valuable to each guest, providing a better brand experience.

Traditional Guest Access

  • Limited onboarding options
  • Does not scale
  • Difficult to read dashboard
  • No self-registration
  • Minimal data about guests


  • Valuable demographic data
  • Navigation of up to 10 million users
  • Customizable dashboard with drag and drop
  • Self-registration with social logins
  • Insights into demographic data

ExtremeGuest Technical Specifications

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