Real-time Application and User Insights

Achieve 360° Degree Application Visibility.

Understand what applications are running on your network, who is using them and the response time is for each application.

  • Application usage patterns
  • Efficient root cause analysis
  • Shadow IT prevention

Stop Guessing About your Applications

Delivers accurate information about all applications running on your network. Shows who is using what application and when.

Deliver Exceptional Application Experiences

Optimizes your applications for experience and usage with context-based telemetry data.

Troubleshoot Fast

Averts service disruptions with pro-active performance alerts. Determines the root cause.

Traditional Reporting

  • Don't know what applications are running on my network
  • Can't track usage and usage patterns
  • Don't know who is using what applications
  • Analytics traffic slows down my network
  • Need to install analytics node at all my sites
  • Can't block unwanted applications that might compromise network


  • Granular insights into who is using what application, when, and where
  • Understand usage patterns to optimize applications
  • Invest only in applications that are being used
  • Analytics that do not slow down the network with application telemetry
  • Save cost by only installing analytics nodes at central location
  • Prevent shadow IT and block unwanted applications

ExtremeAnalytics Technical Specifications

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