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ExtremeAnalytics lets you understand what applications are running on your network, who is using them and what the response time is for each application. It gives you granular visibility into network and application performance, users, locations and devices. Information from the network and the applications empower you to make data-driven decisions.

When an issue comes up, you can troubleshoot quickly and determine whether the issue is caused by the network or the application. An easy to comprehend dashboard shows you user-behavior and user engagement of an application, so you can better understand the value of your investment into certain applications. By tracking application response-time you can ensure the best quality of experience for your end-users.


Get actionable business insights through granular visibility into your applications

  • Provides actionable context-based knowledge about applications, users, locations and devices
  • Insights Dashboard provides real time insights into the network and application performance empowering you to better manage quality of experience
  • Offers contextual data about your applications without performance degradation
  • An intuitive event analyzer accelerates troubleshooting and visualizes all wireless clients
  • Transport layer independent application fingerprinting for identifying more than 2,300 applications
  • Application Telemetry with Extreme EXOS switches
  • Integration with third party solutions such as Aruba Clearpass and IPFIX

ExtremeAnalytics is a network powered application analytics and optimization solution that captures and analyzes context-based application information to deliver business insights on applications, users, locations and devices

  • Provides actionable business insights from your network for data-driven decisions
  • Gives you granular visibility into network and application performance, users, locations and devices to align the network to business goals
  • Save operational costs, solve issues fast and deliver a superior quality of end user experience with real-time data in one easy-to-read dashboard
  • Speeds up troubleshooting by separating network from application performance so you can quickly identify root-causes
  • Makes your network safer as it monitors shadow IT, identifies and reports malicious or unwanted applications, and monitors security compliance
  • Application telemetry provides valuable analytic information without the need for external sensors or collectors

ExtremeAnalytics is part of the Extreme Management Center.
For specification see the ExtremeAnalytics Data Sheet.

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