ExtremeAI Security

A new class of network security to protect the modern enterprise

What’s needed? ML/AI Assisted Security

Today’s cyber threats seek to penetrate perimeter defenses and move laterally across networks, often undetected, until they reach their targets. The volume and sophistication of these attacks requires a new approach to network security in the modern enterprise. Help your organization by utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and remediate advanced threats.

Proactive Operations

Extreme revolutionizes the experience for security analysts by providing proactive, automated, remediated capabilities. By detecting anomalies and breaches quickly, and providing automated remediation, ExtremeAI Security can greatly enhance network security, protecting your users, devices and your business’s reputation.

Behavioral monitoring

Extreme IoT behavioral monitoring leverages ML/AL to learn the expected behavior of network endpoints, and automatically trigger alerts and take action when an endpoint acts in an unusual way. It uses an unsupervised approach to enforce network security, delivering threat detection and mitigation without any human intervention.

Complements existing solutions

ExtremeAI Security integrates with all leading threat intelligence feeds and is complementary to existing enterprise security portfolios. It works alongside existing network security solution providing an extra layer of security that is necessary in today’s changing enterprise IT environment.

Traditional Security Operations

  • Reactive
  • Segmented solutions
  • Supervised (human-led)
  • Data Overload

ExtremeAI Security

  • Proactive
  • Integrated solution
  • Unsupervised (machine-led)
  • Scalable

Tech Field Day
ML-driven Security Analytics and
Automated Threat Response for IoT Demo

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