Extreme NSight

Network Visibility and Analytics

Location Analytics

Providing the real-time data that streamlines everyday business processes, improves customer service, and reduces the opportunity for errors.

  • Packet Capture including wireless and wired network traffic
  • Alarm Management to detect system function anomalies and isolate issues.
  • Wireless Debug Log Access
  • AP Test allows end-to-end network connectivity testing for WLAN
  • Summary view on active and historical alarm data

Make Sense of the Data

The Extreme NSight platform provides depth to WLAN analytics by allowing you to easily leverage the massive amounts of data collected at very granular time intervals — such as device health, bandwidth usage, application usage, and performance metrics.

Truely Intuitive User Interface

Experience the network visibility you always wanted with just a few clicks, creating an unparalleled responsive user interface that allows instant visualization of your network at every level — from the site level to a specific access point or client device. View site-wide data; number of users, network usage, throughput, and application usage.

See Every Dimension of Your Network

Extreme NSight leverages WiNG’s DPI engine to achieve real-time visibility and in-depth insight into every dimension of the network, including Layer-7 application visibility, client devices, device and OS type, and users. See the top applications by usage or by count from site to access points and client devices.

Extreme NSight Technical Specifications

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