Extreme Defender for IoT

Secure Connections for IoT Devices that Lack Embedded Security

Simple Security for Your Critical Devices

  • Secure and monitor IoT devices with ease
  • Deployable over third party IP networks
  • Intuitive user-interface for use by non-technical staff

Secures your critical IoT devices

Applies and enforces device profiles, controls IoT device network access. Isolates IoT devices into secure zones.

Secure zones at scale

Works with Fabric Connect to create secure zones that can be deployed quickly and easily at the network edge. Or works over 3rd party networks isolating groups of devices in IPsec tunnels.

Simple User Interface

Enable non-technical staff to securely on-board, monitor, track and move their devices without burdening already taxed networking and IT teams.

Traditional IoT Security

  • Complex to implement and manage
  • Lack of centralized inventory
  • Lack of isolation / secure zones
  • IT intensive

Extreme Defender for IoT

  • Simple to deploy and manage
  • Centralized inventory for devices
  • Secure zones at scale
  • Leveraged by non-technical staff

Extreme Defender for IoT Solution Brief

Extreme Defender for IoT Technical Specifications