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Wireless Security

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A Comprehensive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

Extreme AirDefense simplifies the management, monitoring, and protection of your WLAN networks.

  • Centralizes management across several thousands of sensors – including sensor configuration and sensor firmware management
  • Supports both dedicated and radio-share sensing modes
  • Performs active monitoring of Bluetooth devices for detecting skimmers that attempt to open up a hole in the network

AirDefense Wireless IPS

Accurately detects wireless vulnerabilities and unusual network activity. The context-aware detection, co-relation and multidimensional detection engines mean minimal false positive alarms.

Keep Your Network Secure

An extensive threat library and customizable policy settings let the system respond automatically to approximately 200 wireless threats, reducing the chances of damage to your network.

Meet regulatory compliance

Advanced forensics module maintains the highly accurate historical data required by many regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley.

Extreme AirDefense Technical Specifications

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