Extreme 9920

Cloud-Native Network Visibility Platform

Extreme 9920 | Extreme Networks Applications

Composable Data Pipeline​

The Extreme 9920 is based on the new Intel Tofino 2 programmable ASIC,​ and provides a composable data pipeline for maximum flexibility ensuring ​any future enhancements can be done with a run-time compiler using ​the P4 programming language while achieving high throughput (12.8 Tbps)​

Cloud-Native Operating System ​

The intelligent network visibility solution features a microservices based operating system​ built for customization and rapid service delivery. Live patching and containerization​ enable updates and patches that can be applied quickly and safely to maintain​ reliability and reduce operational risk.

Massively Scalable Management Architecture​

Management of the visibility platform leverages cloud-native API-first design to integrate with existing operational and business support systems. Improved productivity to reduce operating costs by automating discovery, configuration, backups, and upgrades with already deployed Extreme Network Packet Brokers.

A Revolution in Network Visibility​

Built from the ground up for a cloud-native world, the ​Extreme 9920 delivers an industry-changing network​ visibility platform based on cloud-native principles that​ are designed to integrate with and address the needs of​ the most reliable Service Provider environments​

9920 Product Specifications