ERS 5900 Series

High-end Wiring Closet Switches

High-end Wiring Closet Switches ERS 5900 Series | Extreme Networks Switching

Are You Ready for an Upgrade?
The 5520 Series is our new universal, cloud-managed switch family that delivers superior performance and features for a simpler, more intuitive and consistent networking experience.

Next-generation, High-performance, Feature-rich Ethernet Switch

The ERS 5900 products are purpose-built to support the demands of today’s dynamic Wiring Closet with high-density, full-featured Gigabit Ethernet. The ERS 5900 products can be deployed standalone, or configured as a Stackable Chassis system of up to eight units/416 ports, supported by up to 672Gbps of virtual backplane bandwidth.

Support the Demands of Today’s Dynamic Wiring Closet

Deliver highly-available Ethernet connectivity for delay-sensitive and business-critical data and voice applications. Provide an effective solution for challenging environments with advanced Layer 3 routing services.


Supports Extreme Fabric Connect technology into a form-factor that is cost-effective, flexible, and reliable, to empower a seamless transition to an agile, software-defined virtualized networking solution

More features
  • Support for conventional VLAN, Private VLAN, Multi-Link Trunking, Spanning Tree technologies
  • Available in models supporting 60W Power over Ethernet
  • Stackable Chassis technology supporting scalability up to 8 units/416 ports
  • Available in models supporting 10/100/1000 connectivity, 10 Gigabit uplinks, and Layer 3 Routing

ERS 5900 Series Technical Specifications

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