Outdoor AP3865

802.11abgn/ac outdoor access

Designed to operate in harsh environments

The AP 3865 is a high-performance 802.11abgn/ac outdoor access point that extends wireless mobility beyond the brick-and-mortar. The outdoor access point is designed to operate in harsh environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, parks and stadiums.

High-performance to meet any range, coverage or capacity

The 3x3:3 platform delivers up to 1.75Gbps over-the-air-performance and up to 75,000 packets per second on the wire port. Multiple antenna offerings (e.g., omni, sector, and panel) ensure that AP 3865e deployments can be optimized to meet any range, coverage or capacity requirement.

Featuring the latest Wi-Fi technology

The AP 3865e supports the latest Wi-Fi technology features including 802.11ac performance, dynamic radio management, spectrum analysis with interference classification and avoidance, self-forming and self-healing meshing, security, role-based authentication, authorization, and access control.

More features
  • Role-based grouping of users, devices, and applications to deliver priority, QoS, and security
  • Support for demanding voice/video/data applications
  • Seamless roaming across an entire multi-subnet campus
  • Dynamic Radio Management when used for planning and monitoring
  • Flexible Client Access optimizes throughput for 802.11ac/n clients in today’s mixed ac, n, and a/b/g client environments

AP3865 Technical Specifications

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