Extreme Validated Designs

Helping customers consider, select, and deploy data center network solutions for current and planned needs is our mission. Extreme Validated Designs offer a fast track to success by accelerating that process. Validated designs are repeatable reference network architectures that have been engineered and tested to address specific use cases and deployment scenarios.

Agile Data Center for Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) address the enterprise customer needs by offering flexible resources on-demand anywhere at any time with fast elasticity, resiliency and scalability

Smart OmniEdge for Primary Secondary Education

Primary and secondary education leaders are striving for better learning outcomes. The goal is learning success – preparing students for college and careers. Schools must demonstrate that they can protect student privacy (FERPA) and safety (CIPA), as well as comply with HIPAA and PCI standards. Underlying these goals is the challenge of operating in a constrained IT resource environment.

Agile Data Center for the Enterprise

The data center sits at the core of the business, housing mission critical applications and the intellectual property that defines the business. Digital transformation is well under way and is a critical component in the evolution of businesses across all verticals and markets.