Extreme Validated Designs

Fast Tracking Customer Deployment Success

Helping customers consider, select, and deploy data center network solutions for current and planned needs is our mission. Extreme Validated Designs offer a fast track to success by accelerating that process. Validated designs are repeatable reference network architectures that have been engineered and tested to address specific use cases and deployment scenarios.

Data Center Fabric Foundations

IP Fabric

Extreme IP Fabric Validated Design provides reference configurations and best practices for building cloud-scale data-center networks using Extreme VDX and SLX switches and Extreme IP fabric architectures. The configurations and design practices are fully validated and conform to Extreme IP fabric reference architectures.

VCS Fabric

Extreme VCS Fabric Validated Design covers converged data center network designs for storage and Ethernet networks integrating VCS fabric with various IP storage solutions. The configurations and design practices are fully validated and conform to the Extreme data center fabric reference architectures.  Various innovative VCS fabric features are showcased.

Network Virtualization

Extreme Network Virtualization Validated Design covers the creation of Layer-2 and Layer-3 multi-tenancy on IP Fabric physical infrastructures with BGP VxLAN based EVPN. This architecture leverages MP-BGP control-plane to learn and build VxLAN based overlay networks to seamlessly interconnect workloads. The configurations and design practices are fully validated and conform to Extreme IP fabric reference architectures.

Network Virtualization with IP Fabric 1.0 on VDX Platforms EVD

Network Virtualization with IP Fabric 2.0 on SLX Platforms EVD

Data Center Interconnectivity

Extreme BGP-EVPN-Based Data Center Interconnect Validated Design covers network designs for interconnecting data center sites. Extreme is expanding our cloud-optimized network and network virtualization architectures to meet customer demand for higher levels of scale, agility, and operational efficiency.

Data Center Interconnect EVD

Data Center Security Solutions

Flow Optimizer

Extreme Flow Optimizer Validated Design provides design guidance for implementing volumetric attack mitigation in enterprise and service provider networks. Flow Optimizer gives network traffic insights displaying large L2 – L4 traffic flows improving visibility and control with new levels of network automation to increase network efficiency, improve capacity planning, and eliminate network congestion.

Data Security

Extreme Data Security Validated Design defines requirements to build a site-to-site virtual private network system for enterprise wide area network connectivity. The solution enables enterprises to easily deploy end-to-end secure standards-based encryption built into physical or virtual networking hardware with wire-speed performance while protecting in-flight data. Customers can be confident in the security of their network as they merge their private WAN and campus networks with public cloud services.

Internet Exchange Solutions

Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a vital part of Internet architecture, as it enables internet providers to connect their networks and exchange traffic. This Extreme Internet Exchange Point Validated Design provides information on how to design, configure and secure such exchange points. This solution uses MPLS as a transport service with Extreme SLX-OS and NetIron operating systems, and should be viewed as an Extreme best practice for building IXPs.

Internet Exchange Point (IXP) EVD