Extreme Retail Select

Propelling retail innovation with cloud-powered networking solutions

With Extreme Retail, businesses have a cloud-driven flexible and scalable solution that meets their specific operational and customer-facing needs:

  • Retail Cloud Front-End: Customizable dashboards with dual-persona KPIs for business & technical staff
  • Retail Cloud Back-End: Dedicated non-AWS regional data centers, with longer data retention and open APIs for everything
  • Retail Analytics & Insights: Pervasive client and network visibility and analytics for all shoppers, devices, applications and IoT. Comparative analytics for how stores are performing relative to other locations
  • Security: Secure customer and business data while protecting brand reputation. Segmentation and granular control to secure store operations from guest traffic
  • Rapid Deployment: Remotely deploy and support all your retail stores from anywhere with the ease of cloud management
  • Unlimited Scale: Accommodate the fluctuations in retail demand with an elastic cloud-driven network that easily and seamlessly scales with your business


Extreme Retail Select

Meet the fundamental IT networking requirements of your business, fuel innovation, and deliver better customer experiences.

The Extreme Retail Select Solution

Driving greater operational efficiencies and differentiated customers experiences

Extreme Cloud IQ Retail Demo


Capitalize on the dynamic retail landscape with a new kind of network to keep up with change: a cloud-driven network.

Extreme Retail Select provides the easiest way for retailers to embark on their cloud journey, delivering everything you need (hardware, applications, services) in a single solution, supported by our 3rd generation cloud technology.

Schedule a demo of ExtremeCloud IQ for retail, and learn more about our Extreme Retail Select packages.