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Wi-Fi Trends From the ’18-’19 NFL Season

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 1 Aug 2019

The NFL ’18-’19 regular season has concluded. While most of the League and its fans are fully focused on the NFL playoffs, it’s never too early to unpack some of the takeaways from the season itself.  As the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of the NFL, Extreme is always curious to learn how NFL fans are interacting with digital platforms, specifically across in-stadium Wi-Fi networks. 

Actively outfitted in 25 NFL stadiums, ExtremeAnalytics is a vendor-agnostic solution that pulls network performance data, Wi-Fi usage trends, and application insights on game day – enabling the NFL and its teams to glean valuable information around in-stadium activities and further their understanding of fan preferences.  Access to this season’s usage data, and Wi-Fi analytics in general:

  • Validates the importance of and demand for fan-facing Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Ensures the NFL is delivering a consistent, quality mobile experience from stadium to stadium
  • Offers compelling visibility into the digital and mobile preferences of NFL fans
  • Helps benchmark and corroborate the investment of mobile

The infographic below, Wi-Fi Trends from the ’18-’19 NFL Season, highlights some of this season’s high-level engagement metrics and application insights from in-stadium networks.  The standalone importance of this information is evident, but when put into context with historical usage data from previous seasons, the NFL (and individual teams) can clearly identify how in-stadium engagement continues to evolve and helps align their digital strategies with the growing expectations of their fan base.  Explore the infographic below for more!      

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